Allan 'AJ' Baxter lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and specializes in limited edition fine art landscape compositions based on his travels and experiences as a Professional Geologist.  He has over 40 years of photographic experience and is internationally published in print and on the web. 
This web site hi-lights his fine art photography and the original digital art created from his unique images. You can view his portraiture work at Portrait Portfolio and his work with the Calgary Stampede at Stampede Images.
He is available for fine art commissions, portraiture and custom photography work.   Please contact by e-mail to discuss your requirements.
Recent Art Installations:
Canadian Colours:  Private Collection - Four canvas panels totaling 25 sq. ft. of area depicting the colours of Western Canada.
Oil & Gas Facilities:  Glenogle Energy Inc  - Lobby display comprising 5 large black & white HDR canvas panels totaling 30 sq. ft. of area displaying oil & gas facilities from Northern Alberta.
Gallery Representation:
          The Art Gallery of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Additional Images by AJ Baxter Links:
          Portrait Portfolio:
          Calgary Stampede Images:

What is Fine Art Photography?  Some thoughts to consider:
Fine Art photography is a genre of photography with the primary goal of creating art.  Other photographic genres may have a more specific goal like recording sports events, news events or portraiture.  Often the lines between any of these genres are nebulous.
The principal criteria that distinguishes fine art photography from other fields in photography is that the fine art image is presented with subjective manipulation by the artist that is above and beyond the pure objective documentation of reality.
The term 'fine art' does not denote quality but identifies intent.  The intent of “fine art photography” is for the composition to be displayed in a gallery, a public space or purchased for a corporate or private art collection.  A client for the fine art image does not exist until after the image is created.
It is about the artist’s personal vision and the deliberate creation of a subjective composition that captures the artist’s concept.  Simply put: 'art for the sake of art' with the artist making all of the creative decisions.
Fine art photography has fewer aesthetic restrictions which allows the photographer freedom to pursue unique visual expressions.
The camera is a tool in this pursuit, together with dark room techniques or digital post-processing software and framing/presentation methods that assist in the creation of the final composition.
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